A Brief History

Our company was founded by Carmelo Abela, better known as Alfaran, in the 1930ís. In those days, Abela was one of the principal stevedores in the islands, owning the most common transport equipment in that period - a horse-driven cart. Even in those early days, Abela realised that the future lay in providing mechanically oriented services to the business' clients. Carmelo Abela thus invested in the first loading truck. During the 1960ís, the work was handed over to his only son, John. With great enthusiasm, John Abela began a further process of innovation. The services offerred to Abela's clients was amongst the best in Malta, quickly attracting the attention of the Malta Hilton Hotel, which was being built during this period. During the early 1970ís, John Abela began offerring an international haulage service, amongst the first to offer this service to Maltese customers. Early in the 1980ís John Abela, together with his three enterprising sons, Charles, Anthony and Lino, continued to build their on their reputation for excellence. The family began another round of heavy investment in the most sophisticated equipment used in the haulage industry.

John Abela passed away in 2002, but his ideas will never be forgotten by his sons. In fact, John Abela Ltd., as it is today, is one of the best clearing and forwarding agents on the islands.

Main Line of Business

Our main objectives are to excel in the business of haulage and as transport contractors, shipping, forwarding and general freight agents, customs agents, general carriers and transporters of materials, goods, wares and merchandise of every description. We operate TIR Trailer Service to and from all destinations in Western Europe.

Message from the Managing Director

Read the Message form our Managing Director in PDF-file format here.

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